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Things That Go Bump in the Night

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

At about 12:30 this morning I heard a thud. I woke up and realized I
was stretched out completely on my bed. I sat up and looked
over the side of the bed to see a very confused Tillie laying on the
ground staring back at me.  They look on her face was a half asleep “Hey Mom, what’s the big idea?!?” kind of look.  I think I stretched out and in the
process kicked her off the side of the bed. She doesn’t appear to be
hurt, but I gave her a few extra milkbones this morning… just in
case.  For Tillie milkbones fix everything!

In 12 hours…

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

…I will be getting ready to leave for the airport.   It has been a stressful couple of days at work, so I am very happy to be getting out of here. 

Mine and Tillie’s bags are packed and ready to go.  Yes, the dog has a bag to take to her dog walker’s with her.  It is packed with food and all of the treats she could possibly need.  I counted out the amount that she usually gets from me during the week.  I am curious to see how many come back, lol.

I am heading down for my last FIRM workout before I return home from Florida.  I have all of the equipment I need down there, but with two races this weekend trying to squeeze in a workout will be impracticle.  My plans right now inlude an easy 3 miles tomorrow to test out my new running skirt.  Then Saturday I have the 5K and Sunday I have the 15K.  Monday will be a rest day as I travel home and then Tuesday I will jump into a new rotation. 

I am sure I will check in after both races this weekend thanks to Mom’s Florida dial-up.  Blech!

Darn Alarm Clock

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

Somehow in between yesterday and this morning I managed to shut off my alarm clock.  I usually turn it on Sunday night and then don’t turn it off till Friday morning.  I have no idea how it came to be turned off. Oh well.  Since I didn’t wake up till 7 I couldn’t squeeze my run in this morning.  My plans are to do it tonight.  Hopefully it won’t be too rainy when I head home and I can still get outside.  They are calling for temperatures in the 60s so that would make me VERY happy.  I did get out this morning with the dog for a 1.1 mile, aggressive dog splattered walk.  I swear every turn this morning we ran into another set of agressive dogs.  All of them had owners with them, but none of them really seemed to have good control, so I just kept turning Tillie in a different direction and moving on.  I will check back in with my total mileage for today after I get my run in. 

Reason #189 My Neighbors Think I am Insane

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

Tillie had surgery on her back this week to remove a chronically inflammed cyst.  She has a large panel on the on side of her back shaved with probably a 3-4 inch incision.  When I picked her up from the vet they sent me home with orders to not let her run or jump and not to get her sutures wet.  Well of course it is raining this morning.  I threw on a fleese and grabbed an umbrella heading out the door and trying my best to keep the umbrella over the dog so that her sutures don’t get wet.  So here I am walking the dog when an umbrella keeping her dry.  :P  The HOA might be trying to have me committed soon.


Thursday, October 18th, 2007

So I am a Mom trying to deal with someone bullying her child.  I’m sure you are all like, “you don’t have kids!”  To which I respond I have a furbaby and she has a bully.  A bully that is the furbaby of someone that used to bully me in middle school.  Like mother like furbaby. 

I think I have mentioned the bulldog that attacked Tillie in blogs before and yesterday he attacked again while Tillie was out with her walker.  The poor thing is getting too old for this.  Last night before I saw the note from the walker I saw Tillie struggling some getting up from laying down.  Kind of like I look getting out of the recliner after a long run.  When I got home and saw the note I was furious.

This was her third time getting attacked by this particular monster.  I had to call Animal Control this time I had no choice.  Tillie is very good at defending herself, but as she gets older it is going to get harder and harder.  I gave her lots of hugs and kisses last night and told her I wasn’t going to let that big meanie pick on her anymore.  Next time if it happens with me he will be sprayed with pepper spray and it won’t feel good.  If only all parents could spray their kid’s bullies with pepper spray.

I was very aggitated after hanging up with Animal Control so I put on my Heart Rate Monitor and headed for the basement.  I cranked out Total Body Time Crunch from the FIRM.  I thought for sure I would be too sore for my run this morning, but my legs felt really good.  I laced up my shoes and headed out for 5 miles.  This is the best 5 miles I have ran in probalby over a year.  I finished in 1:01 and some change.  Very close to 12 min miles the whole way through, but I need to hook up my GPS to see how my actual pace looked across each mile.  I am VERY pleased with it either way.