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Upper Body Ouchies

Friday, February 8th, 2008

Since I was suffering from tired legs yesterday I opted to concentrate on the upper body again today.  I dusted off an older FIRM workout that I have owned for several years and never done.  It was appropriately titled “Upper Body”.  After I got past the porn like music in the warm up I was greated by a very intense upper body workout.  I am going to be so sore tommorrow, but in a good way.  I must have done a hundred military presses and lat rows by the end of it.  I was surprised by the small amount of bicep work, but I think I got them covered between the several sets of push-ups.

Tomorrow is long run day.  I didn’t feel like the 6 miles from two weeks ago really counted as a long run, so I am looking forward to this.  It is actually part of Nancy’s 9 on the 9th virtual race amongst the blog running friends and folks over at Runner’s Lounge.  I plan on just taking my time and enjoying the run.  I believe I will set my goal to have it done in under 2 hours.  That is a pace of 13:20 and totally appropriate for me for a long run.

For WAA today I am giving myself 2 miles for the light aerobics of my Upper Body workout this morning.  I also walked the dog for 1 mile and plan to take her out for another 1.1 when I get home from work tonight.

Warm Winter Weather

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

Last night I left work early so I could get home and run before any wet weather rolled in.  I changed in my shorts, yes shorts, and a long sleeve tech shirt.  Then I pulled on my socks, shoes, and reflective vest and hit the pavement.  I had a really good tempo run.  My goal was to keep all 5 miles under 13 minutes/mile.  I met that goal surpassed it!  My laps were split up thusly:
1 12:29
2 12:24
3 12:41
4 12:25
5 12:10
Now if I can just get a tempo run like this to translate into a faster race then I will be all set.

WAA total:
Tuesday 7.0
Week 2 14.83
Total 43.79

WAA Wk 2 Day 1

Monday, February 4th, 2008

Yesterday being a race day helped me add up some mileage.  I walked the dog in the morning, ran my race and then walked her again before heading to my brother’s for his Super Bowl party.  My total mileage for the day was 4.63.  Not huge, but definitley a respectable start. 

WAA Week 1 Recap

Monday, February 4th, 2008

I know technically it is the second day of week 2, but it is never too late for a week 1 recap!  I am very happy with how week 1 went.  Here is a breakdown of my total:
16.00 Ran
02.00 Walked
08.94 Walked w/Tillie
02.00 FIRM
28.94 TOTAL

This week I definitely was more active in the evenings.  Since I workout in the morning I tend to spend the evenings relaxing and maybe doing a little cleaning, but nothing too intense.  Three evenings this week I got out with Tillie for really good walks.  Once I got back from the walks I had the urge to stay active so I did a little bit more cleaning than usual in the evenings.  I know for a fact that Tillie is enjoying her extra long and extra often walks. 


WAA Day 6 – FIRMing it up(per)!

Friday, February 1st, 2008

Day 6 is not looking good so far.  We are having some freezing rain the in area.  Hopefully it will be gone by tonight so I can get Tillie out for some quality time.  Luckily today was not a running day.  In fact my goal was to give the lower body a break, so I dug through my FIRM collection.  I did the Upper Body portion of Super Body Sculpt and Jiggle Free Arms.  Needless to say the arms were shaking a bit towards the end of that.  Then I decided to work the abs too, but wasn’t in the mood for crunches so I did the Standing Abs portion of Core Solutions.  Unfortunately SBS and CS are not cardio workouts.  Jiggle Free Arms is though so I can convert that to 1 mile for WAA.