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Essex Relay Website

Thursday, January 30th, 2003 is finally back up and running with a new layout. Give it a click!

Abuse of Power

Tuesday, January 28th, 2003

I haven’t been a very nice person today. Not that the people I was mean to didn’t deserve it, but it just isn’t in my nature to act this way.

It started off with the guy that used to be my boss, but isn’t my boss anymore, cussed out one of my co-workers. The reason this predicament came to be in the first place is because he is afraid to talk to another one of our fellow co-workers who could have answered his questions very easily. He has been avoiding conversation with her for some time and has resorted to using other employees to relay messages to her, even though she is only 10 feet away. I have gotten the bulk of this relay because my cube is nestled in between both of their cubes.

Anyway, he seemed to have a problem with the fact that she couldn’t answer her questions and used the F-word. So I wasn’t happy to begin with. My situation arose from the fact that a couple of weeks ago I received a request to resurrect an old report (which has been happening more and more lately) so I did. He was the relay person for the request, which he needn’t be. He comes back and says that the requestor wants a change made to it. I expressed that I wasn’t in favor of the change, but if a change request was made I would do it. I never got the request. So I have been sending this report to this guy, then I notice on the original request today that it should be sent to someone else. I IM’d the guy and asked if I should send it to the other person. He responds asking if I had sent it to him yet. I said no, but should I send it to this other guy. He doesn’t answer, and in fact gets up from his desk and goes to lunch. I was like, well screw this, so I went to my own boss (also his boss) and ask her if I should send the report. I said that the numbers had improved, which they had, and that I wanted to send the report out. She said to go ahead. So I did.

Flash forward 20 minutes. He gets back from lunch sticks his head in my cube and asks me why I sent the report out. I said to him that the numbers looked good and that I wanted to share them with the other guy. He says, well that isn’t what the report is supposed to look like. So the conclusion is that he has been taking my report, re-packaging it and sending it on it’s way. We don’t have enough man-power to get our work done as is and he is wasting his time making manual changes to this report.

So I went to my bosses office, and told her that he wasn’t happy with me. And explained my conclusion that he is re-packaging this report. She said she had no idea that he was doing that and didn’t understand. She then thanked me for being accepting of a bunch of change that they had me doing on some of my reports recently. My conclusion from this situation is that she had already heard what he had did to my co-worker and was trying to smooth and bumps before they got too big.

So I stick around a little late at work today talking to the girl that had the problem with the guy this morning. Hit the beltway a little later then I had expected. Traffic wasn’t as bad as I had though it was. I am driving along and decide to get in the fast lane. I put my blinker on, find a spot with plenty of room for my truck and start to merge. I see the guy in the lane behind the spot I am aiming for starts to speed up as if to cut me off. I have decided that when people do this I am going over anyway. If they hit me it is their fault for feeling the necessity to act like an ass. So he swerves up and cuts over just before hitting my bumper. I call him a few choice words then go back to singing along with the Offspring. He then gets himself in the nice spot that I had chosen to leave because the guys in front of my was going to slow. He then starts eyeing up the spot in front of my, so I pull close to the guy in front of so as not to let this ass in front of me. He pulls in their anyway! There was not enough room for this guys stupid little Del Sol to begin with, but he decided that he needed to sandwich himself between me and the Tahoe in front of me. I decided he must have a death wish and again go back to singing along with the Offspring. So this guy in the stupid little car starts braking just to be obnoxious. I honk my horn, give him the finger and go back to singing along with the Offspring.

Next person to be mean to is the neighbor that is a diabetic and doesn’t take care of herself. She has four kids and she doesn’t take care of herself. Passes out 3 or 4 times a week and causes the neighborhood to get stuck on our dead-end street because we can get our cars around the ambulance, fire-truck and EMS truck that need to come and revive her. I must say I find it kind of humorous when she passes out in the yard though. (Secretly I hope she gets a grass stain on her jeans.) Anyway, her kids have been throwing sticks into our yard ever since they moved in. Tillie then eats the sticks and starts to get sick. Drives me nuts for reasons such as this blog. I take the sticks and a rubber snake I find sitting in by the fence and throw them at their back door. I have told the mother at least 3 times that her kids need to stop throwing sticks in my yard. She opens the door, and calls to me “Kelly,” YEAH KELLY, BAD MOVE #1!!!! Anyway, so call “Sorry Kelly, I didn’t see the snake in your yard.” I turn to her and say, “I don’t care about the snake, it’s the sticks! My dog eats them then she gets sick. I have to throw a stick over the fence almost every day. I DON’T HAVE ANY TREES IN MY YARD!”. She just kind of stands their in a bewildered state somewhere between, “This if the first time I have heard this” and “Couldn’t have been my kids.” I think next time I will just skip the niceties and call the cops. Yeah that sounds like a plan. Maybe that will be on of the times that the mother is home alone with the kids (which is against the law, btw, cause social services said so) and the cops will take the kids away this time.

Making a Wig

Thursday, January 23rd, 2003

Mom came home from a Relay fundraising meeting tonight and told me that I can’t cut my hair till June. If you don’t already know I have been growing my hair to donate to the American Cancer Society to have it made into a wig for a cancer patient. I have been growing it for a while now and recently I have felt like I was ready to cut it. Mom has other plans.

Apparently they want me to have it cut on the night of Relay. Of course because it will benefit someone somewhere that could be going through the same thing that my mother went through I can’t say no. They want to have people try to guess how much it weight and how long it is, so-on-and-so-forth. I embarrass easily, so this should be interesting. I just hope I can hold out to June because my hair grows fast. I can’t even imagine how long it is going to be by then, nor how much it is going to weight. I will have to stop wearing it up soon because if it gets too heavy it gives me headaches. Wish my luck, I may need it!

Back to School

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2003

I start back to school this Saturday. I know SATURDAY?!?! This will be the first time I have ever had a Saturday class. Yeah the only reason I ever went to school on a Saturday was on a voluntary basis. Crazy huh! Actually I did service projects all through undergrad and they always took place on Saturdays. Sometimes as early as 5:30 in the morning. It was worth it though, because if it wasn’t then I wouldn’t have been there.

Anyway, I am hoping for a good semester. I have a Principles of Database class, which hopefully will be not so much of a struggle since, you know, databases are sort of my thing. I also have a JSP and Servlets class, which is a continuation of the class I had last semester which I really enjoyed. I’m sure I will link to my homework from here so you guys can check it out.

So Dad got a new job. He is really excited, as are the rest of us for him. He just wasn’t really happy with how things were being handled at his current place of work. Now I just need to find a new job 😉

Chicken Nuckles + Tillie = Vomit in My Bed :P

Saturday, January 18th, 2003

I’ve spent most of my weekend working on websites. Decided to try my hand at a little bit of animation. If you will please direct your attention to the upper-left hand corner of the screen you will see the result of my insanity. It is a little big, weighing in at 630KB, but it is much better than its 1 MB counter-part that I created on my first try, hehe.

I got some more work done on my brother’s site. Mainly some color changes so that the pages didn’t distract too much from the art work. I also changed my Literary page and did some work for the Essex Relay site for which you will now see a small banner to the right.

I have been looking forward to sleeping this weekend. On Thursday night I was woken up by my dog vomiting. I jumped up to get her to the bathroom, and as I jumped I realized that she had in fact vomited in my bed. As I started to get over the fact that I had just jumped into a pile of my dog’s vomit I rushed to meet her at the stairs, but it was too late. She had thrown-up in my bed, in my room, in the hall and on the stairs.

As I was cleaning it up I realized that there was something hard-as-a-rock in my dog’s vomit. I collected up the hard thing and called my mother into the hallway to see if she can figure out what it is. She gave me a very dirty look and went back to bed. I was in fear that my dog had eaten something poisonous, which was making it very hard for me to sleep. I was trying not to overreact and was fighting the temptation to take Tillie to the 24-hr Emergency vet.

I e-mailed my dad as soon as I got to work and he called my grandfather to tell him not to feed the dog. I got home from work and walked over to ask my grandfather how the dog did that day and he said she was fine, but he thought the dog was mad at him because she didn’t get her breakfast or lunch. I then discovered the hard thing was in fact a chicken knuckle that my grandfather had given her, and according to the list she had eaten that along with Cream Chipped Beef for breakfast, Turkey burgers for lunch and boiled chicken for dinner. No wonder my dog had gotten so sick. Most human’s don’t eat that much in one day, let alone a dog. So needless to say, Pop has been spoken to about feeding the dog so much food, and hopefully the dog’s stomach will get better now that her system has a chance to relax.