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The Sidewalk Did It

Friday, May 30th, 2003

Please bear with. I know the site isn’t looking to pretty format wise at the moment, but I promise it will look leagues better shortly. My plans at the moment are to stack the cams on top of one another on the left instead of being side by side at the top like they are at the moment. That way the new logo can be centered over the blog. I also want to make the blog button larger because it just doesn’t look right sitting next to my quote box the way that it is at the moment. I will probably make a lot more changes before all is said and done, but I think I have made great progress so far at making the site that much more interesting. I am also going to finally make some more interesting banners to replace the 2 I have right now, which I consider to be pretty boring, so keep you eyes out for them.

So the other day I am driving home and I see a Green Blazer sitting in front of my house. I do my usual turn around at the bottom of my street and come back up. As I am driving up the street I see the guy run to his truck and pull away rather aggressively. I tried to catch up with him to see what was going on, but didn’t make it fast enough. My grandfather comes walking out as I pull up. Apparently the guy told me grandfather that his daughter fell on her scooter in front of our house and broke her arm and that “[we] should get the sidewalk fixed before someone sues us.” There is a small part of the curb where part of the cement settled, but not all of it did. So a little chunk is slightly off from the rest of it. The curb has always been like that, but no one has every tripped over it before, and it isn’t large enough to cause anyone to fall over and break their arm. Needless to say Dad is pissed. So when he gets home from work he drives off to find out where the people live.

He is driving up the street that crosses over ours and sees the green Blazer in question, and our next door neighbor’s daughter is standing in the front yard with a girl that has a cast on her arm. The girl from next door starts waving at my Dad smiling. This girl never talks or waves to any of us, but suddenly she is so excited to see my father? So we start to get suspicious.

Yesterday evening my Dad was standing outside talking to our neighbor across the street who was working on his cars on this day that the girl supposedly fell in front of our house. It was pouring down rain on this day, might I add. Anyway, the neighbor said that he saw a little girl fall on a scooter, but that she was at the bottom of the street, and no where near our house. I have a feeling the girl in question was not supposed to leave our neighbor’s house, but did. When she fell and hurt herself, she knew she would get in trouble for not being where she was supposed to be, so she lied and said it happened in front of our house.

Yeah, so I hate the neighbor’s even more, because I am sure they were in on this little plot to cover up the fact that the girl was someplace she wasn’t supposed to be. So I am now asking for ideas of how to drive these people out of my neighborhood because I have had enough of them to make me puke. Hit me with some ideas!


Thursday, May 29th, 2003

If you don’t listen to Elliot in the Morning on you need to. Half the interesting topics that I come across online are because I am looking for stuff that he has brought up on his radio stations. Case in point.

Layout Change

Thursday, May 29th, 2003

So I am kicking around some layout changes at the moment. Just want to make the site look a little more lively. As you can see so far I have moved a frame and made a new Links button. I have some more buttons to match, but need to throw together an image map before they can be incorporated. I also gave in and made some buttons for the Trail and Coswell Productions. Hopefully after I get done my Tae Bo I will be able to get that up and running. I know they are just small changes, but I think they will make a difference in the overall look of the page.

A Faceless Photo-ID?

Wednesday, May 28th, 2003

Found this story interesting. The point of a photo-id is to have your picture taken so that someone can ID by looking at your face. I am all about freedom of religion, but it is an oppurtunity for you to have a license, not a right, if you don’t want to have your picture taken, then you can’t legally drive a car.

We are dataless: Day2

Wednesday, May 28th, 2003

We are dataless: Day2

So, again today we have no data for me to work with. There is a chance it may be recovered in a the next few hours, but till then I get to sit and twiddle my thumbs. I really wish I had Photoshop here because I would just work on my Tu for President cam pic.

It is now only 9 days till we leave for the ocean. I can’t wait to get away. Yes I will miss my dog, but I need a vacation so badly. Even though it is just for the weekend I think it can still be relaxing.

Oh well, I am off to do nothing…maybe I can get some more of Return of the King out of the way.