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Poop and A Name Sake

Tuesday, June 29th, 2004

Last night I was walking my dog around the neighborhood like I do every night. Depending on which route we take she always goes to the bathroom in the same yards. She, just like me, is a creature of habit. So we walk around the bend into one of the courts and come to the spot where she usually does her #2. Like clockwork she does her thing and I do my thing, which is to get the plastic bag ready to scoop up her steaming little present.
On my leash I have what is called a “Bag-on-board”. It is a little roll of plastic bags in a dispenser that connects directly to the leash so you always have it with you. Well on Sunday Dad had taken the monster for her evening jaunt, and unbeknownst to both of us he had used the last bag.
This spot that Tillie prefers happens to be on the exact opposite end of the neighborhood from my house, so here I go to grab my bag and there are none. I was so embarrassed. They have been making notes in our HOA newsletter each month about people not picking up after their animals, and here I am in a predicament. I decided to high-tail it back to my house for a bag. I think I got back and picked it up before anyone noticed it was there.
In other news, my Mom’s cousin is expecting her first baby. She recently found out it was going to be a girl, which is probably a good thing since she already has three step-sons. When I called my parent’s house last night she was there visiting with my Mom. Turns out she picked out a name for the little girl: first name Katlyn, middle name Kipp. That’s right, Katlyn Kipp. Watch out world, here comes another K80K!!!


Friday, June 25th, 2004

Every person is a deep collection of the experiences they have had in their lives, yet they are limited to what is in that collection. We each develop our own opinions and point-of-views, and for each of us those outlooks are different. No one is perfect. No one is right. We just are who we are.

I try to skim the surface of my being and put it here in my blog and in entries I put into forumz, but what I put out there only touches the surface of who I am as a person. Often you only get a glimpse of what is weighing heavy on my mind at any particular moment in time. Often you will just see an evolving view, a surface opinion still under development, as I work to gather facts and work out scenarios in my head.

Just because you have read some of my blogs or posts please do not assume that you know me. If you don’t understand me or a particular opinion that I have just ask me a question and I would be happy to discuss it with you. If I post an e-mail I got or an article I found and state that I find it “interesting” please do not assume that it reflects my opinion in its entirety or accuse me of being “biased” and single minded and a “blind patriot”. I am more than a collection of words written out in html. I am more than I present here on this website. I am more than what your own view takes away from what you read in my words.

This website is my little escape from work. It is my place to practice my craft of website design. I try not to take it too seriously and ask that you please do the same. Internet drama is contagious and peronally I would rather deal with real life drama than have to worry about digesting what I encounter virutally.

Super Glue

Thursday, June 24th, 2004

Yesterday while at the grocery store I finally remembered to grab a tube of superglue. I needed to get some in order to fix a couple pairs of sandals I have there were starting to fall apart. So this morning I got up and before I walked out the door I squeezed a little glue into one of the areas where the strap meets the sole. It worked beautifully. That part of my sandal as good as new. Only one problem though, I got some glue on my hands.

I keep nail polish remover here at work in case of emergencies. So I took it out when I got to work and proceeded to work over the spots of glue I had on my fingers. Super glue is basically the same thing as what they use to glue on fake finger nails, so a little dag of nail polish should work, that is, if the nail polish is not acetone free. DAMMIT!!!!

So I resorted to using a nail file and going lightly over the spots where the glue had adhesed itself to my fingers. I was able to work off the glue and a little lotion restored my fingers to their natural beauty. All is well now and it could have been much worse: I could have glued my fingers together.

Office Space

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2004

So I continue to work on getting my office organized. I can’t believe how much work I am actually having to put in to setting my book shelves and organizing my files. I went to Office Depot yesterday and picked my some manilla folders and hanging folders and spent probably half the night organizing my files. I have a lot more now that I have more bills flowing in, so I had to add some files and some of the old hanging folders had started to fall apart, so I had to do some replacing as well.

After I finished with the files I took a crack at better organizing my book shelves. So spots I was able to do in alphabetical order, but others I chose to arrange by size. I still want to get another book shelf so that I can space out the books some. Whatever shelf space is leftover is going to my Muppets. I started by moving some of the more valuable pieces into the room last night. I really need to get the last book shelf up before I can start to decide how I want to arrange the Muppets, but for now it looks pretty good. I will have to post some pictures of this room once I finally get it all done. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer.


Tuesday, June 22nd, 2004

The vampires, a.k.a the American Red Cross, have called me twice in less than 24 hours. If they didn’t give me a 12 inch bruise last time I donated blood then maybe we wouldn’t have an issue. I told them yesterday I didn’t want to be called again, I would call them when I was comfortable with donating again, then they up and called me today. Leave me alone! VAMPIRES, LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!