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Burnin’ Down

Thursday, May 12th, 2005

Told you I wouldn’t be able to not post for a while. I just have to share this story though. I was getting ready to leave work yesterday, so I made my usual trip to to check my route home. I notice a red yield sign that looks pretty close to where I usually travel. I clock on the sign and a box pops up saying that a fire off of Fitch Avenue has it closed between Rossville and Ridge. Anyone that knows where my parents live knows that my parents house is just about right in the middle of that closed area. My heart skipped a beat. I tried calling Pop and got his answering machine. I called Dad to tell him that I was driving home and to try to get a hold of Pop. I of course forgot my cell phone, so off I got to try to get home as fast as I can. I turn down our street and at this point the closed area has shrunk to just past my parents street on up to Rossville. I was able to pull right down to my parent’s house without an issue. It was then that I saw my parent’s neighbor’s house was on fire. I know the family in this house becaus I babysat the little girl that lives there several times. When I drove past this morning you could see straight into the top floor and tell that it was gutted. The first floor was all boarded up. I don’t yet know if anyone is hurt, but my heart does go out to Jordan, Joshua and their Mom because it looks like they have lost everything.