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Skirt Sports Skirt Review

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

Yesterday I took my first of two Skirt Sports Skirts out for a run.  The one I chose first was my black one because I am not sure I am ready to sport the Flirtini skirt just yet.  When Ifirst tried the skirt on it made me really self conscious.  The skirt and shorts are both shorter than the ones offerred by Running Skirts.  The shorts I found to be better as it comes to compressions shorts in that they were actually compressing my leg.  This helped when actually out on the run because they stayed put.  I think in the end the position to which my running skirts shorts rode up ended up being to the same height as my skirt sports shorts started.  In the end both will require a little body glide just to ensure no adverse effects, but I can handle that.

The big difference between the two skirts is the wasteband.  That is the Running Skirts skirt actually has one and the Skirts Sports rides so low it is almost like not having one.  They actually are at two extremes.  The Running Skirts skirt actually required me to turn down the wasteband as it was too high.  However, if you watch the videos on the site that is the way the way they were designed.  I certainly am not complaining because I usually turn down the band on my running shorts anyway.  The Skirts Sports lack there of in wasteband will take some getting used to.  The the combo of my skirt not having a wasteband and my moisture wicking underwear having one left me with the sensation several times on my run yesterday that I was losing my skirt.  I am sure the guy that was running behind me yesterday found if amusing when I stopped suddenly and reached down to grab the skirt that I thought was retreating below my buttocks only to find that it was still there.  I might actually need to go comando in this skirt to rid myself of the sensation.  I will probably instead just work on trusting that the skirt isn’t abandonimg me mid-run.  One big bonus of the skirts sports skirt is that there is a tummy control panel built into the front of the compression shorts.  However I did find that this “bonus” increased the likelyhood of having a muffin top and having my skirt drop under my tummy roll. 

I am torn because I like the fit of the skirt part of the Running Skirts article better and the shorts part of the Skirts Sports article better.   If I could get the Skirt Sports shorts with the Running Skirts skirt I would be a happy girl.  Instead I am going to work on losing weight so that the skirt on the Skirts Sports skirt looks a little more flattering and until then I will wear long shirts to cover any unattractive bits of my anatomy. 

Oops, I thought you said the 11th…

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

My weekend didn’t work out exactly as I had planned.  I wasn’t feeling well when I got up on the 10th so I postponed my 10K to the 11th.  I had my memories as a pacer as I reflected back on my life.  Pulled off a pretty good time of 1:15:19.  That is an average pace of 12:08.  Apologies for not having much of a race report.

This week has already been a long one and it is only Wednesday.  I haven’t been tracking my food very well, but I also haven’t been going overboard.  Work has been stressful and in addition to that my Mom’s Uncle has been really sick.  Unfortunately it is not expected for him to make it through the weekend.

This weekend is the Relay for Life and another SkullzDotMarathon featuring Indiana Jones.  Harrison Ford….*drool*

I have been sticking to my workouts and I think that is keeping me sane.  I started a new rotation when I returned from FL last week.  It spends the first 3 weeks with lots of sculpting targetting a differnent area each week.  Last week was upper body, this week is lower body and next week is abs.  I think it is really helping me stay on track.

10K on the 10th – Pre-race report…

Friday, May 9th, 2008

Tomorrow is the 10K on the 10th virtual race organized by Nancy.  I plan to just take my time since it is still within a week of a race.  I haven’t decided who to choose as my pacer yet.  It has to be someone that will get along well with the running group I plan to join this weekend.  He or she will also need to be a little on the slower side since I know my legs aren’t 100% yet.  Any suggestions?  Nancy has given us some nice options for this race.

I recieved a shipping notice that my new running skirts will be here on Monday, so one of them will make their maiden voyage during my 5 miles on Tuesday.  Then I will be sure to leave a review for those of you that are interested like Jeff.  😉

If you haven’t noticed next week is the last week of the Walk Across Arizona.  I have 32.65 miles left till I hit the 410 miles travelled by foot for the 16-week span.  I have planned everything out, including walking the dog, and if I stick to my guns I will hit that mark even before heading to the Relay for Life next Friday.  Overall I have already logged 463 miles for the team when you include my FIRM workouts.  Pardon me for patting myself on my back, but I am very proud of myself.  Overall the program has benefitted me by getting me more active throughout the day rather than just my workout in the morning and it has helped me return to consistently FIRMing.  Thanks WAA!

Running Skirt Take 2

Thursday, May 8th, 2008

I decided to give my running skirt another go this morning and I have to say when I stopped focusing on the skirt and was focusing on my run instead the riding up wasn’t all that much of an issue.  They seem to ride to a certain point and then stick.  It isn’t in an uncomfortable place.  In fact with body glide I hardly noticed it without concentrating.  I think I was a little worked up last run because I was trying to make sure the skirt was going to work for the 15K.  I thought about it too much.  I think there is still room for alterations in the compression shorts themselves, but it is something I can live with.  At least until I lose too much weight and these don’t fit anymore. 

I did order two more skirts from last night.  I was looking at them at the expo for the Minnie Marathon and decided to give them a try.  I will post reviews as soon as they are in my grubby hands and have been taken for a run.

I was shocked a little this morning when I hopped on a scale and noticed 1 in a location occupied by a 5 as recently as Tuesday.  o_O  Definitely not complaining, but I thought having Outback for dinner last night would have led to a different outcome. 

Mickey Manor – Mom’s Personal Animal Kingdom

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

Ever since Mom got the house in Florida she has had to deal with different creapt crawly creatures inhabitting her house. This week has been particularly bad.

When arriving at the house last week we noticed what I will refer to as “presents” on the carpet. As we were finding them we were cleaning them up trying to determine if the lizard was still living in the house with it. Two hours before leaving for the airport for my return trip home he finally decided to reveal his presense to Mom and I. We tried for an hour to catch him by moving the fridge until he finally disappeared up into the bottom of the fridge. I set up some barriers and gave Mom a technique for catching him should he try to leave the safety of the fridge while she was there.

This morning I got a phone call from Mom saying that when she got up last night to use the bathroom she saw a head staring back at her from the toilet. She thought it was a snake, but it turns out it was a frog. She closed the lid on the toilet and out of panic tried to flush the critter away. It didn’t work because he was too big. She opened the lid and he jumped out onto the wall where he left behind some lovely slimy stuff. Then he jumped back to the sink. Then Mom did something that made me very proud. She threw a towel over him and was able to carry him outside to set him free.

Finally morning comes and Mom is heading to the kitchen to get her breakfast and she sees a lizard run across the floor and disappear under the couch. Poor Mom…