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Week 2: Easy Run

Monday, June 16th, 2008

I am not good a “easy” and I am not good at “short” when it comes to runs.  I just can’t plan to run slow and stopping after just 2 miles feels like I am cheating.  This is definitely something I need to work on.  My goal for this morning was 2 miles at a pace of 13:31.   I was able to restrict myself to the 2 miles, but my pace ended up being around 12:10.  Not exactly what the Smart Coach called for now is it?

Now that I am getting into a regular running routine I am finding the urge to eat better come back in force.  I started counting my points again today and instead of getting baked chips at Subway I got a yogurt instead – same point value but one has nutrintional value that the other lacks.  After getting a look at the pictures from the Survivor Harbor 7 I was mortified by the fact that you could see my tummy roll bouncing around under my running shirt.  It has nothing to do with my working out either…the only thing I can blame this on is my lack of self control in the nutrition department. 


Monday, June 16th, 2008

Saturday night my brother picked me up and we headed over to watch a bout of the CCRG – Charm City Roller Girls.  His girlfriend is a member of the Speed Regime, so we were there to cheer them on.  I have to say it was actually kind of fun to watch.  The announcers in their pink and purple suits do a great job of commentating on the action and entertaining you when there isn’t much going on. 

I have to say stuff like that is a little hard for me to do sometimes.  I have a tendency to get emotionally involved when one of “my people” is out on the floor.  I had the same problem when my brother played hockey where even if they didn’t take any of their hits personally I would do it for them.  Watching something where one of the goals is to knock the other person to their feet and have them skid off the floor caused a little inner termoil.  Luckily I was able to fight my urge to come out swinging…even if it was largely do to the fact that I wasn’t dressed for the occasion.  🙂 

Week 1: Long Run

Monday, June 16th, 2008

Saturday was my first long run of my Disneyland Half Training.  It wasn’t very “long” per say since it was only 6 miles, but it is longer than I have run in several weeks.  I didn’t want to do it alone so I finally worked up the courage to head out to the trail and join a local running club.  They were really nice people and very encouraging along the course.  I unfortunately didn’t really match up with any of them pace wise, so I spent a good bit of time running by myself.  However, I did push my pace more than usual in an effort to keep up with them, which gave me a really good workout.  I think heading out with them on the weekends will help me get back to setting PRs again.

After my run I headed back to my car to discover a guy with a towel that looked like he was touching my car.  I headed over to see a big scratch on my bumper like a bike had fallen against it.  I stood there looking at him waiting for him to confess to me that he had damaged my car.  Instead he pardoned himself for blocking me and moved his bike to the side so I could get out of my parking space.  Needless to say that I am still a little upset about it.  I didn’t feel like I could properly acuse him of damaging my car because I had no evidence other than it looking like he might have touched my car when I was half a mile away.  It actually kept me up last night tossing and turning with an internal struggle of what would have happened if I had decided to confront him over the damage.  I know I can’t go back and do anything about it now, but part of me regrets not demanding that he confess to dropping his bike.  It’s just further evidence that people really don’t respect other people’s property anymore.  Deep breath…moving on…

Week 1: Tempo Run

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

Today was my first tempo run of my Disneyland Half Marathon training.  I will admit I have, in the past, done what I call tempo runs, but they weren’t really.  If I ran my usual 5 miles at a pace higher than 12:30 I would declare it a tempo run.  Yeah, that didn’t really count did it?

Today I tried to follow Smart Coach’s direction to a “T”.  I actually spent the evening the other day programming all of my tempo and speed training workouts into my Garmin so they are all right there at my finger tips.  This morning I scrolled my Garmin over to my “Week 1” workout and let her rip.

The Smart Coach’s guildelines for today were a 1 mile warm-up, 3 miles at an 11:42/mile pace, and a 1 mile cool-down.  I stepped out the door after my usual treadmill warm-up and pre-run stretch session.  I selected “Do Workout” then hit the “Start” button and off I went.

1 mile warm-up…check!  I have a lot of trouble forcing myself to go slow when heading out of the gates, but I was very successful this morning and am proud of myself for it.  My first mile ended up taking me 13:10.  Next up 3 miles at 11:42.

For the tempo and speed workouts I adjusted the pace for my zones making “Jog” my zone of choice for tempo workouts.  Yes, that makes my warm-up session a “fast walk”, which is slightly insulting considering I was actually running during my warm-up, but that is another story.  I picked up my pace as soon as I started mile 2 and soon noticed I was in the “slow jog” zone and not the “jog”.  I kicked things up a notch and tried to stay in the “jog” zone as much as I could.  I did not even have my pace visible on my screen and despite a few glances was mostly able to resist the urge to scroll over and see what my pace was.  In the end my 3 miles came in at 11:58, which considering I wasn’t allowing myself to look at my pace is very respectable, but it isn’t 11:42 either.  I get to repeat this tempo run in two weeks and will try then to get myself down to that 11:42.  I have a speed training session next week which might help me bring that pace down for the tempo.  Next up the 1 mile  cool-down.

This was probably harder than the 3 miles at 11:58.  My body felt like it was done and was ready to be, but I knew the 1 mile cool-down was important for my muscles.  It was a struggle, but I did squeeze out one more mile and was surprised to see it only took 13:27.   I think it felt slower for my body when compared to the 11:58 from before. 

I am very happy with my run.  I think this Saturday I will head up and join the running group that I was looking into joining before.  I only need to do 6 miles and I am sure they will feel really good after today.  I will probably make my cross training for tomorrow a yoga workout to get everything stretched out.

Summer Training Rotation

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

I came to the realization yesterday that I am within 12 weeks of my next Half Marathon.  Time was getting away from me.  I kept thinking I was going to have a couple weeks off before I started training again, but surprise!  I need to start NOW.

I decided to go with a schedule from the Runners World Smart Coach.  I used my 5K time from the Minnie Marathon and went from there.  I will probably be expanding the schedule at some point to go through October 11th since I have another Half Marathon then. 

This morning I headed out for 3 miles and was overcome by the humidity which felt 10 times worse than Sunday.  I just couldn’t sweat properly.  Looking back at my new Rotation I really only needed to do 2 miles anyway, so my 2.75 miles puts me ahead of the curve.  🙂