Busy Time

If you noticed on Monday I said I was starting a countdown and then I didn’t do any counting down in yesterday’s blog. What is wrong with me?!? I am very excited about the next Harry Potter, but then I go and ignore a promise to myself in my very on blog. I am so disappointed in myself. Well not really, but….anyhow, 3 days till Order of the Pheonix!

So we have now entered the busy part of the summer. It seems like everything is happening now, weddings, birthdays, Father’s Day…yeah it is busy. I am not getting to spend as much time with the people I care about as I want to. You guys know who you are…I miss you. (And no this is not directed towards Tyrant either.)

So I have been trying to expand my musical horizons with the help of Live 365 and a little radio stations called 99.9 The Electric Front. I am finding a lot of stuff I like like Woflsheim and Neuroticfish. So if you like EBM like music go check it out. It will not disappoint. And if it does, it’s not my fault you have sucky taste in music 😛

4 Responses to “Busy Time”

  1. Tyrant Says:

    Glad I am missed, thanx.

  2. K80K Says:

    You are missed baby. I just wanted to make sure others also get to feel the love.

  3. Lusi Says:

    SOme one say Pudding?!

    errr opps, wrong post :>

  4. K80K Says:

    That’s ok Lusi. I forgive you. But don’t ever do it again, k. Thanx. MMMM Pudding.

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