MMM Bad yogurt

Every morning as I arrive to work I heat up my bagel in the microwave and eat a yogurt. This morning I went to heat up my bagel, but there was no power going to the microwave. Odd, but whatever, I just ate the bagel cold. I went over and checked and found that the refridgerators and coffee pots all had electric, so I went ahead and ate my yogurt. Just now someone comes through and says, “Oh by the way the power has been out on that wall since sometime yesterday. Don’t eat anything out of the fridge.” Umm yeah, it’s a little late isn’t it. Why me? Why do I always get stuck eating all the bad stuff huh? No one else eats 3 year old apple sauce or yogurt that has basically been sitting out overnight!

Oh yeah, I hit SDO up with a new blog yesterday. Go check it out. Well what are you waiting for? Get out of here! NOW!

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