Several Stories to Tell

Sit back and relax. I have several stories to tell, so I am going to start from now and go backwards. Now I am sitting at my desk, having just gotten here. When I woke up this morning there was a tractor trailer flipped onto its side blocking all the lanes, but the right-hand shoulder of the beltway. So rather than go to work I stayed home and logged into the network from there. I love working from home, but when the day starts there it makes it awful hard to come here. Luckily I have some Arby’s to hold me over.

Now we will move to yesterday morning. I got an e-mail when I woke up saying to go to the LPU site and sign up for the Meet and Greets for the Summer Sanitarium tour. These are little events where you get to meet Linkin Park and get their signature. So I sign up and leave for work. When I get home I get online and WinterRaven is on. I ask her if Sqwee can get online because she needs to sign up for her Meet and Greet Pass. She gives her a call and a little while later Sqwee signs on, but she can’t see the Philli Meet and Greet as an option. We change her zip code to the one of the stadium thinking that may help, but still nothing. So it turns on that the Meet and Greet is already full. The only reason I really wanted to go to the Meet and Greet so bad is because I wanted to see Sqwee meet Linkin Park. She loves them much more than I do. So now I am going to try to see if I can transfer my Meet and Greet pass over to her name. Meeting Linkin Park just isn’t going to be fun going by myself.

Now we will move to February. I decided to pre-order the Series 3 Muppets so I was sure I would be getting a nice set. I did a search on the interweb and came across Their slogan says that they are for the “serious collector” so I decided to give them a try. I ended up Pre-Ordering 3 different things: the set of Series 3 Muppets, Mega-Beaker, and the Swedish Kitchen play set. The first 2 items were being released at a different time then the Swedish Kitchen, but that has never been a big deal with any other sites I have visited, so why would it be now. It took a while to receive my first package, but that was no big deal. Everything arrived in very good shape, so I was not disappointed. However, I went online and I had been charged the total amount of my bill which included my Swedish Kitchen. I have never dealt with a site that would charge you for an item before they actually shipped it. I didn’t see this as too big of a deal as long as I received my last item. So everyone else on the Palisades Toys message boards starts receiving their kitchens. Feeling a little left out I decided to send an e-mail over to Patrick, of, and ask him about the status of my Swedish Kitchen. He responds saying that it had just arrived to their location and would be shipping out “asap”. So now I am excited. The Swedish Kitchen is one of the sets I have been looking forward to getting the most. So I force myself to be patient and wait…and wait…and wait. June 18th rolls around and still no Swedish Kitchen, so I send them an e-mail. No response, so on the 20th I send them another e-mail. Still no response, so I go to their IM address. I drop them an IM and they said they would look into it. So I give them a few days and no response. Yesterday I tried IMing them again and now every time I IM them when they are available almost instantly an away message will go up. Yesterday I sent them a final e-mail to all the available address on their website, which if you check has gone down for re-development of the website.

If a mistake was made and they don’t have one available to send me, then that is fine, but they need to communicate to their customers, and they need to refund my credit card for the $28.99 they charged me for it and any shipping that they charged me for the delivery that never happened. As far as I am concerned, until I hear from them otherwise, they have stolen my money. If I need to, I will be sure to get the proper authorities involved, but I would rather not have to resort to that. If anyone has any suggestions that may help me resolve this issue, that don’t involve mail bombs or driving to Staten Island (yes these were actual suggestions from people) then please e-mail me and let me know.

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