Over the past few weeks I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Koozebane Kermit toy at my local Target. It is a store exclusive, which means it is going to be a little tough to come by. Rumors that it has started to hit the shelves start spreading like wildfire this weekend, so I pass to word to Tyrant that I need to hit our local Target. Being the wonderful boyfriend that he is he stops off at the White Marsh Target on the way to my house in hopes of surprising me with the toy, but unfortunately they did not have it. We then travelled together to the Towson Target and yet again we were left wanting. Finally today during my lunch break I make my way to the Timmonium Target and manage to get my hand on one.

These items are going for good prices on Ebay right now, so I decide to take my chance and buy an extra one to auciton off. I get inline with my prize in hand and wait for the cashier. She takes my toy and tries to scan it. Nothing. She tries to scan the other one. Nothing. After several more tries she picks up the phone and calls for help from the toy department. In the meantime she has put my transaction on hold and I step out of line to wait. 5 minutes goes by and the phone has not rang so she calls them again. I wait another 5 minutes and she suggests that I try to grab another one and see if it will scan. I run back and grab the last toy off of the shelf. I bring it up and she tries to scan it but again it does not work.

A manager comes over and tries calling someone from the toy department over her walkie-talkie, but again no one answers. The cashier asks me if I need a gift receipt, and I tell her no, then she asks me the price. I tell her they should be $8.99. She finally goes ahead and rings in 3 anonymous items at $8.99 so that I can finally get out of the store after having waited about 30 minutes. All is well though because I finally got my Koozebane Kermit and 2 to auction off on EBay. Yes I did end up buying the one I went back to get off the shelf because I made the effort and knew I could resell it.

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