What? No sex?

Ok, I had the weirdest dream last night. It started out that Tyrant had gotten an apartment. I asked my parents if I could stay the night there and they said yes, so he picked me up and we headed in that direction. We ended up driving past my high school and I said that I had some alumni dues that I needed to pay there so he pulled into the parking lot and told me to go do it now while we were there. I decided not to argue, took the money he handed me, and walked into the building. The offices and everything were completely different. I walked into the main office which was now set up like a bank with teller window and a queue divided up by velvet ropes, so I got in line. When it came to be my turn I walked up and asked the teller where I could pay the dues at. She told me directions on how to get to the office of the woman I needed to give the money to. I knew the woman’s name, but I can’t remember it for the life of me at this moment in time.

I leave the office and head in the direction that she told me to head. She had given me some landmarks to look for, but they were landmarks that weren’t there when I was still in school there. As I walk out the door I see a girl that I was friends with in elementary and middle school and one of her friends sitting at a table. It looked like they were being tutored by someone. As I got closer the woman turned and smiled at me. She didn’t look like the woman I remember, but I just knew that it was my second grade teacher. I smiled back and kept on moving.

The girl I was friends with agreed to help me try to find where I was going. We decided to go downstairs first and try to find some paintings of mine that were hanging in the school and a picture of me that is supposed to be in one of the hallways. As I we started walking I didn’t see anything familiar. The next thing I know we are in a Waldenbooks that was supposedly built onto the school. The merchandise it carried was more like Spencer’s then Waldenbooks.

Out of nowhere Melissa shows up. She runs up and grabs a naked blow-up Piggy doll from the Muppets. She tells me that she has been looking everywhere for a naked Piggy, but that one was too expensive. She asked me to help her find a smaller one that cost less than $3. I start to help her look when I notice a bunch of Nightmare Before Christmas stuff on a shelf.

I walk over and start looking and notice that everything is signed. I pick up this one statue thinking that it would be perfect for Joe and Ange for Christmas. I look at the bottom and it is signed by Tim Burton, and on the top it is signed by Angelina Jolie. The PERFECT present for Ange. So I decide I have to have it, but my purse is still in the car. I look at my watch and realize I have been walking around for an hour and a half and panic because I had left Tyrant out front all that time.

A guy I don’t know says he knows a short-cut to the front of the building and to follow him. We start running down the hallway, that also required me to climb a snow covered cliff and wade through a river that is in the middle of the school. He leads me to this door, opens it, and I go through.

When I look around I realize that I am in my neighbor’s driveway. I look at the street and Tyrant is there, but instead of being in his regular Oldsmobile that he dropped me off in he is now driving a Chevy. He pulls down from in front of my house and turn the car around so that I can get in. Then I wake up.

Why can’t I have nice sex dreams like normal people?

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