Ass on the Beltway

Despite my efforts to curb my road rage I am now forced to bring you another story of an ass on the beltway. I go to merge onto 695 this morning and there is a car in front of me that begins to break on the ramp. Despite the significant length of the ramp is starts to slow down right at the beginning. He break till about half way up the ramp when a spot becomes clear in front of him. A spot large enough for us both to fit in. When he merges I take the oppurtunity to speed up because I obviously don’t want to be behind this guy for the rest of the way to work. So what does he do? He speeds up so that I can’t get in front of him. I give him the finger and he gives me a look that tells me that he did it on purpose. What a jerk!!!!!! So if you are driving in Baltimore anytime soon and you see a Powder Blue Dodge Spirit with the license plat ERT 057 give him the finger for me won’t you?

I do have some good news. I have lost 4 pounds already. And I have been eating like crazy, but it has been good foods like salads and soup. I also attribute it largely to there no longer being tempting things in the vending machines here at work.

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