Congrats to Mom

It finally happened. We knew it was coming one day, but we just didn’t know when. Mom is now an employee of Walt Disney World. Not just the Disney Store, no, she actually has a job at the parks. She is basically seasonal, so she will be going down and working probably just a few weeks each year, but she is probably one of the happiest people alive right now.

On a sad note, Dad just told me that an employee of Bank of America was killed today. Typically when the branches are opening there is supposed to be two employees there, but for a branch in Georgia that wasn’t the case today. The second employee was running late and when she arrived she found the keys hanging in the door and the other employees stuff strewn about the lobby. They went and called the police who went inside and found the employee shot 3 times in the chest. My Dad’s counterpart had to call the spouse of the person killed and tell them what happened. That to me would be one of the hardest things you could possibly ever have to do in your life. My heart goes out to all those involved.

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