Hockey Mike

I had something that I thought was really great to blog about yesterday and it has of course slipped my mind. Unfortunately that is forcing me to bore you with the regular goings-on in my life.

Tonight my brother has another play-off game for his Roller-Hockey league. Their first games was Saturday and was nail-biter. The scoring was going back and forth and back and forth. It went into sudden death overtime when my brother’s team got a great goal in and the game was over. It sounds like tonight is going to be another really great game. Best of luck to the Hounds!

I started my Christmas shopping. I have had my Mom done for several months now, but just got started on everyone else last week. I now have two more person done and have started on two others. Still scrounging for ideas for everyone else. I like to get started early just because I hate fighting crowds for stuff. I will go shopping in the last few weeks before Christmas, but it isn’t typically for me to pick up presents for people, rather to accompany other people while they pick up presents. It seems that I bring good luck to people in finding those primo parking spots during the holidays. Don’t believe me? Just ask Winteraven about our wonderful shopping experience last year. Front row at three different stores BABY!

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