Making a Wig

Mom came home from a Relay fundraising meeting tonight and told me that I can’t cut my hair till June. If you don’t already know I have been growing my hair to donate to the American Cancer Society to have it made into a wig for a cancer patient. I have been growing it for a while now and recently I have felt like I was ready to cut it. Mom has other plans.

Apparently they want me to have it cut on the night of Relay. Of course because it will benefit someone somewhere that could be going through the same thing that my mother went through I can’t say no. They want to have people try to guess how much it weight and how long it is, so-on-and-so-forth. I embarrass easily, so this should be interesting. I just hope I can hold out to June because my hair grows fast. I can’t even imagine how long it is going to be by then, nor how much it is going to weight. I will have to stop wearing it up soon because if it gets too heavy it gives me headaches. Wish my luck, I may need it!

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