Whew what a week. All I really have to say is busy, busy, busy. Since I wasn’t able to take a break or vacation on my own my body decided to create a sell-imposed vacation and made me sick yesterday. Either that or it was the barometric pressure reeking havoc on my sinuses. You choose.

I’m still working hard on Heretics of Dune every minute I get. I have a little less than 50 pages to go, so I am hoping to be finished come this weekend. In the “stuff I am working hard on” category you will also find my final project for my Enterprise Computing in Java course. I have until December 10th, but would rather not be trying to cram a lot of work in at the last minute, so I am trying to work on it steadily now. Fingers crossed I can get everything ready and working in time to do some reviewing for my final exam which also will be falling on December 10th.

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