Good Grades for the Geek

Well I got a 100 on my last assignment for my Enterprise Computing in Java class despite the fact that I was accidently used a setInt() instead of a setString() and used Bean Managed Persistance rather than Container Managed Persistance. This is the point where I would look at Tyrant and my Father and through their glazed over stares one of them would mutter, “You do realize we have no idea what you are talking about.” Oh the life of a geek.

It feels like they turned the air on in our building today. Add to that the fact that we can’t drink the water in our building because of a water main break and I think we have the perfect recipe for them to send us home. Unfortunately upper-management doesn’t agree.

I finished Heretics of Dune this morning. I must say I really enjoyed this one. I think right now I am considering it my favorite, but that may be because it is the freshest in my mind. I need to let it absorb for a week before I can choose a favorite from the Dune series. In the meantime I am on to ChapterHouse Dune.

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