Earth Quake

I got home from work yesterday and went online to work on homework and talk to Apok like I usually do. I began to notice a creaking in my desk and a feeling that the legs of my pants where vibrating, then my one monitor starts to rattle and I notice all the toys sitting on top of it are shaking. At first I think it is just a truck driving by or the washing machine having issues again. I realize the washing machine is not running and the truck should have been long gone but everything was still shaking. I IM Apok and he advises me that it is probably just a giant.

At this point I think it was an earthquake because there is no other way to explain it, and flip on the news. I thought for sure that they would be talking about the earthquake that just shook the entire state, but there is nothing. I check a couple websites and still find nothing. I give up my search thinking that it was a giant as Apok suspected and go back to my homework.

I start to hear this faint music which I conclude is coming from one of my mother’s snow globes in our living room. I tell Apok I think there is a ghost in my house, and he tells me maybe it is the ghost of a giant. Finally, after a few minutes of thinking I am insane or my house is haunted, the weather guy comes on and says that he has reports from all around Baltimore of what seemed to be an earthquake and he is working on getting a confirmation.

You know how when you play a music box or a snow globe sometimes when you think the music has stopped when you sit it down the shake from the impact with the table makes the music start up again. That must be what the earthquake did to the snow globe, but it didnít shake it enough to start the music but just enough that any sort of disturbance would cause it to start playing again.

After the earthquake last night turned into a very successful night. I finished my Christmas shopping and am just a few steps away from finishing my final project for school. I have my final exam tonight and, if I don’t go out this evening, should be able to turn in my project before I go to sleep. Then this semester will finally be over. HAPPY DAY!

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  1. penitentman Says:

    FINISHED!? You’ve FINISHED your Christmas shopping!? Mmm hmmm… I see. Well isn’t that just GREAT for you? Listen everybody! Katie has FINISHED her Christmas shopping! yay! (Please ignore the lazy punk who hasn’t even started his shopping…) =)

  2. K80K Says:

    I hate the mall and I hate crowds and I hate the side of people brought out by the one-day sales at the mall, so I do it almost all online and as early as possible.

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