Another A for K80K

I received my grade from my final project last night, which was a 97%. Adding that to the rest of my grades brings my final grade to an “A”. It makes me feel very happy, especially with how much work I have put into this semester. I probably would have gotten a grade better than a 97% if I had been working with the correct requirements in hand. The document was updated but I didn’t know that and continued to work off an old copy of the document. After I realized I had the wrong document I had to make some quick changes to my project and I was somewhat careless. Luckily those mistakes didn’t cost me too much.

One day this week I am going to go pick up my first Mountain Bike. I spent some time this weekend test driving a couple different models. I even had the change to ride over my first cement parking block. I didn’t actually make it over it, but it wasn’t too bad for my first try. I am looking forward to getting my bike and spending some time jumping off curbs and riding over parking blocks getting used to it so that I am ready for my first real mountain biking experience. I will give you more details on the actual bike after I have it in hand.

After all my mother’s heart stuff, and my doctor advising me to watch my cholesterol, I decided to go back on my diet. I didn’t really realize how bad my eating was, but in just spending a week watching what I was eating I have managed to lose 4 pounds. I plan to restart my Tae Bo this evening, so I am sure I will re-lose the weight that I gained back in no time. I gained back a total of 17 pounds, but having already lost 4, that only leaves me with 13 more to lose before I am back on track. The first 10 are always the easiest to lose, so this should not be a problem at all.

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