Christmas Eve is always the day we spend with my Dad’s side of the family. So my parents, my grandfather, my brother and myself hopped in my 4Runner and made the trip up to Hereford for Wednesday night. My cousin’s baby is 15 months now and he is absolutely adorable to watch. So we spent a large part of the evening watching him run around and interact with everyone. The most entertaining thing that happened that night involved my grandfather.

So my grandfather and I are standing there looking over the horderves and I see him start picking through the potpourri. He takes a piece out and sniffs it and I turn to him and say, “Pop, I think that is potpourri”, just as he pops a piece in his mouth. He makes a face and then takes it out and looks at it and I just start laughing. The rest of the night if things got too quiet I would get an image of Pop eating the potpourri and just start laughing.

Christmas Day we spent with my mother’s side of the family, and it was pretty much uneventful.

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