Hey fellow Webmasters! Get a CLUE!

Ok, rant time people! If you are going to give yourself an address that says “Webmaster@put-your-domain-here.com” then please learn a thing or two about computers before you shoot off e-mails in response to recieving a virus. See hackers are a tad bit smarter than the rest of us. They knew that most people would respond to someone who sent them a virus and say “Hey you have a virus” and they would end up stopping the virus in its tracks. That goes against the whole purpose behind their being a hacker in the first place, so they got an idea to put someone else’s name in the reply-to section of the e-mail. So when you reply you are getting some random person and not the person that sent you the virus. Don’t send me your little e-mails complaining that I sent you a virus or a “bad file” please. I scan my computer daily to be sure that none of those buggers snuck onto my hard drive. I am not the cause of you infecting your own system, that would be you for opening an attachment from a complete stranger.

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