Rumors Aren’t Always Just Rumors

Mom got a phone call last night from the guy that was rumored to be getting ready to sell his house. We are going over there tonight to take a look around. 😀 Fingers crossed that it is everything I have dreamed of and that I get it.

My mother’s friends are travelling from Florida to Conneticut, so my mother had them stay at our house last night. They stayed in my mother’s room, which really must have thrown off the poor dog. My mother said she was pacing around last night and when we got up this morning she wasn’t with me, Mom or Dad. She actually went into my mother’s room and slept in bed with my Mom’s friends. How embarassing! :blush:

3 Responses to “Rumors Aren’t Always Just Rumors”

  1. Grandmom Kipp Says:

    If this house is everything you had hoped, and you buy it, then are offered a job making made scratch in Columbia, after you graduate, then what?

  2. K80K Says:

    Houses in White Marsh are cheaper than those in Columbia, so I will just commute and still be able to drop the puppy off at Mom and Dad’s to spend time with Pop. Thanks for the feed back Mi….er…Grandmom.

  3. Grandmom Kipp Says:

    That’s a heck of a commute, the way some of these punk-bitches drive now a days.

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