Bumping Up and Breaking Down

My settlement for my house has been bumped up to tomorrow, apparently because of a mistake on the part of the loan officer. Luckily I didn’t lose my house, but it sounds like this mistake was large enough that I could have. So tomorrow evening I became a home owner. 😀

Yesterday I went boudning into the office to check my e-mail and noticed that the room was unusually quiet. The power button on the front of my computer was a bright orange. I thought maybe it had slipped into an energy saving sleep mode, so I started various things I thought would wake it up. Nothing worked, so I went to the good ol’ standy by and hit the switch on the surge protector. The computer came up, but still the room was unusually quiet. I think my fan had died this time. I need to discuss with the Apok to see if he agrees with my diagnosis then I will probably be calling up Gateway and telling them they need to fix it.

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  1. Ultio Says:

    Well today is the 20th. How did it go??

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