First Night in the New Crib

So tonight is the first night I am spending in my new crib. I am right now sitting at my desk amidst a sea of boxes, and unlike most of America, I am not watching American Idol. So far I am loving my new house. I spent most of the weekend painting, which sucked, but I now have my living room looking the way I want it to. Which was no small feet.

Apparently the guy that owned the house before me did not put any primer on the new walls before he started painting. Consequently after I painted my walls and started to peal the tape my paint as well as the the paint that he put up started to come off with the tape. This couldn’t be a good thing and take off the paint that he managed to get on the ceiling and woodwork when he was painting. No, it had to take the paint off the surfaces that I wanted it to stay on. In the end I ended up having to go back over the walls with a small artists paint brush to clean up the mess left behind in Jade Green and Florescent Orange. Live and learn I guess.

My furniture came today, well at least most of it did. The end tables, coffee table and chest of drawers I ordered were out of stock. You would think they would reserve the furniture in stock when you order the piece, but they don’t actually remove it until you have it scheduled to ship. Again, live and learn.

There are several more projects I want to do with the house. I still don’t have a fence, so the dog has gotten three walks already today and I am just hoping that she doesn’t have to pee in the middle of the night. She is having some issues adjusting to the new surroundings, which is resulting in her whinign from time to time, but I think she will adjust. Being the mommy type that I am it just breaks my heart when she starts to cry…so I console her with another walk. :confused:

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  1. mynx Says:

    Hey Katie,
    D’you know where I can buy a "I play violent videogames…" shirt? Help help! 🙂

  2. K80K Says:

    They aren’t currently available, but when they are you can get them here.

  3. mynx Says:

    Wahoo!! Thanks 🙂

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