Office Space

So I continue to work on getting my office organized. I can’t believe how much work I am actually having to put in to setting my book shelves and organizing my files. I went to Office Depot yesterday and picked my some manilla folders and hanging folders and spent probably half the night organizing my files. I have a lot more now that I have more bills flowing in, so I had to add some files and some of the old hanging folders had started to fall apart, so I had to do some replacing as well.

After I finished with the files I took a crack at better organizing my book shelves. So spots I was able to do in alphabetical order, but others I chose to arrange by size. I still want to get another book shelf so that I can space out the books some. Whatever shelf space is leftover is going to my Muppets. I started by moving some of the more valuable pieces into the room last night. I really need to get the last book shelf up before I can start to decide how I want to arrange the Muppets, but for now it looks pretty good. I will have to post some pictures of this room once I finally get it all done. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer.

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