Super Glue

Yesterday while at the grocery store I finally remembered to grab a tube of superglue. I needed to get some in order to fix a couple pairs of sandals I have there were starting to fall apart. So this morning I got up and before I walked out the door I squeezed a little glue into one of the areas where the strap meets the sole. It worked beautifully. That part of my sandal as good as new. Only one problem though, I got some glue on my hands.

I keep nail polish remover here at work in case of emergencies. So I took it out when I got to work and proceeded to work over the spots of glue I had on my fingers. Super glue is basically the same thing as what they use to glue on fake finger nails, so a little dag of nail polish should work, that is, if the nail polish is not acetone free. DAMMIT!!!!

So I resorted to using a nail file and going lightly over the spots where the glue had adhesed itself to my fingers. I was able to work off the glue and a little lotion restored my fingers to their natural beauty. All is well now and it could have been much worse: I could have glued my fingers together.

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  1. dag? Says:


  2. K80K Says:

    dag = dab
    adhesed = adhered

    you say Tomato, I say Tomato, same thing

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