Every person is a deep collection of the experiences they have had in their lives, yet they are limited to what is in that collection. We each develop our own opinions and point-of-views, and for each of us those outlooks are different. No one is perfect. No one is right. We just are who we are.

I try to skim the surface of my being and put it here in my blog and in entries I put into forumz, but what I put out there only touches the surface of who I am as a person. Often you only get a glimpse of what is weighing heavy on my mind at any particular moment in time. Often you will just see an evolving view, a surface opinion still under development, as I work to gather facts and work out scenarios in my head.

Just because you have read some of my blogs or posts please do not assume that you know me. If you don’t understand me or a particular opinion that I have just ask me a question and I would be happy to discuss it with you. If I post an e-mail I got or an article I found and state that I find it “interesting” please do not assume that it reflects my opinion in its entirety or accuse me of being “biased” and single minded and a “blind patriot”. I am more than a collection of words written out in html. I am more than I present here on this website. I am more than what your own view takes away from what you read in my words.

This website is my little escape from work. It is my place to practice my craft of website design. I try not to take it too seriously and ask that you please do the same. Internet drama is contagious and peronally I would rather deal with real life drama than have to worry about digesting what I encounter virutally.

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    What happened to cause this to be written??

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