Poop and A Name Sake

Last night I was walking my dog around the neighborhood like I do every night. Depending on which route we take she always goes to the bathroom in the same yards. She, just like me, is a creature of habit. So we walk around the bend into one of the courts and come to the spot where she usually does her #2. Like clockwork she does her thing and I do my thing, which is to get the plastic bag ready to scoop up her steaming little present.
On my leash I have what is called a “Bag-on-board”. It is a little roll of plastic bags in a dispenser that connects directly to the leash so you always have it with you. Well on Sunday Dad had taken the monster for her evening jaunt, and unbeknownst to both of us he had used the last bag.
This spot that Tillie prefers happens to be on the exact opposite end of the neighborhood from my house, so here I go to grab my bag and there are none. I was so embarrassed. They have been making notes in our HOA newsletter each month about people not picking up after their animals, and here I am in a predicament. I decided to high-tail it back to my house for a bag. I think I got back and picked it up before anyone noticed it was there.
In other news, my Mom’s cousin is expecting her first baby. She recently found out it was going to be a girl, which is probably a good thing since she already has three step-sons. When I called my parent’s house last night she was there visiting with my Mom. Turns out she picked out a name for the little girl: first name Katlyn, middle name Kipp. That’s right, Katlyn Kipp. Watch out world, here comes another K80K!!!

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