Urine Sampling: Like taking candy from a baby!

It was extremely easy to get the urine sample yesterday. Tillie went out and as soon as she squated I shoved the tupperware under her and got it in just the right spot. It filled up fast and actually overflowed a little. She had been holding it all day at that point I think.

We went to the vet where they massaged her tummy and stuck a thermometer up her butt. She was too distracted by the cats to even notice that much else was going on. When we went back into the lobby to wait for them to bring us her anti-biotics the cat came really close and started playing with a toy. Tillie became extremely interested and with an audience of the vet and several vet techs I started to loosen her leash a little to get a little closer to the cat.

I was more concerned for Tillie’s own well-being at this point than that of the cat’s since Tillie has a history of letting cats beat her up. She finally got close enough where she could touch the cat then out of no where I see her jaws open WIDE. I yanked back leash and the cat took off running as we head the snap of her jaws clamping down.

I was so embarassed. I am so used to saying that she wouldn’t hurt a flea! I can’t say that anymore because she apparently will hurt cats. :blush:

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