Last Friday I went to the doctor to follow up regarding my blood pressure being high. They retook my blood pressure and my heart rate and both were perfect. I asked them to test my cholesterol because I was just curious to see what the level of bad cholesterol was. They recently dropped the ideal level for people that are high risk for heart disease and I wanted to be sure that I was within that rate.

While I was getting my blood drawn the PA that I visit decided to run some other tests that she usually runs on my Mom and usually sees come back abnormal. I just got a call today and apparently my sedimentation and c-reactive proteins are elevated.

I am a little nervous. Both of these being elevated shows that there is an inflammation somewhere in my system, but they do no indicate a source. That means more tests for me. If I look at my genetic history there is a chance that this could mean several things, but the two that come to mind that they were questioning being problems with me are rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. Hopefully the doctor can provide some more insight on Friday. I will just have to wait and see.

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