Sorry for No Updates, Meet my dog “White Man”

I’ve been a bad, bad web master. I really blame my absense from the web on work though. I am trying to rush through the development of a tool so that I have it done before I leave Lucent. If my plans are successful I will actually have it all done this afternoon so that it can go into testing next week. Fingers crossed.

There’s not much else going on. I am considering getting a puppy. I know Tillie would love to have a puppy around, it is just a matter of getting the rest of the family to agree. I have been trying to think of a name for the new puppy. My grandfather helped me in naming Tillie, which is short for Tilicum. He had told me that it was Native American for “friend”. My mother had the idea to try to find another Native American word that means friend to use as a name for the other puppy. As I was searching I cam across this story and this story. If you look at both those stories it turns out that Tilicum means either “white man” or just “man”. So I have named my black female dog, white man. Hmm…

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  1. K80K Says:

    Found this post on a message board and it sounds more like what Pop was looking for. So it may not tightly translate to mean friend, but it can be used to mean friend.

  2. Mike Says:

    You should name the puppy "Pidgin," which is Iriquois for senseless burden.

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