Bad month…

So August, aside from getting my new job, hasn’t been a good month. I will probably be attending my third viewing of the month tonight. All three viewings have been for men under the age of 32 that were taken by unnatural causes. I wasn’t close to any of them, but they touched my life in one way or another. Either they were a friend from way back when or close to someone I consider a friend. That kind of stuff just has a way of wearing on the spirit.

September should start a little better with a trip to the happiest place on earth. However, I again find myself taking a vacation in September with a threat of a hurricane joining me. Last time I got to make a run for it to get away from Isabelle and this year I get to hang out with Francis. Damn tropical depressions!

I fly out Thursday and come back next Wednesday. Then I will have two more days at Lucent. I will really miss everyone here, but I know I am moving on to bigger and better things and that I am saving the job of someone that I care for here in Hunt Valley. After those two days I have a weekend break then I get to start at the new job. I am really excited to get there and get started. Come on September 13th!

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