The Move and Wince

Today I will be practicing a little movement I am going to call the Move-and-Wince. Yesterday afternoon, around 4:45, I sat down at my computer and found an e-mail from my Volleyball team captain that said we had a game at 6 and another at 7. :O

I jumped up from the computer threw on my shoes, filled a water bottle and headed to Dicks for some knee pads. I then headed up Joppa Rd towards the Townson YMCA. I found it with surprisingly little difficulty. When I got there I pulled out the schedule in my typical Social Phobic/OCD manner to check once again that I had the right day and time. Then I followed some people towards one of the buildings. I ask the receptionist where I needed to go for Volleyball and she indicated a door to her left and a set of stairs just beyond.

I get to the bottom of the stairs and walk into the gym area. The Volleyball courts were really nice. Good nets with a rubberized gym floor. Not very condusive to sliding, but a good grippy surface. The two courts were split by a large blue tarp so that the games wouldn’t interfere with one another.

I found a little map that indicated which was Court A and which was Court B. I went to stand over by Court B so that I could increase my chances of finding my team. I stood for a while looking at each person hopefully as they walked through the gym as if they were coming to introduce themselves as one of my new teammates. Between hopeful glances I watched some of the play on the court. This is when I realized I was going to get my ass kicked.

I have never played real Volleyball against guys before, and these guys were good. They all could get up over the net for blocking and hitting and they all had strong overhead serves. I just knew I would have to hustle and play smart. My body whimpered at what my head was thinking. I could just feel it saying, “WHAT??? You want us to hustle?!?! hehe, yeah right. We haven’t hustled in a long time. I think the joke here is on you.”

As I am leaning against the wall trying to convince my body that the joke is on it I heard someone say my name. I turned my head to see a group of people discussing looking for me in the phone book. That of course is not possible, since I am not listed. I walk over and ask if they are the “Rag Tag Team” and they knod their heads and my terrifying people with my hopeful glances has at last ended. I introduce myself and I at last have my team.

We went on the court and I proceeded to do that hustling that my body told me couldn’t be done. We ended up losing all the games in the double-header that we played, but we didn’t do so without giving the other teams a little bit of a run for their money. I think once we get more play time and I convince my body that hustling is indeed possible then we will be a great team.

So back to the Move-and-Wince. That of course is what I am doing today because I forced my body to do what it did not want to do last night.

Tip-of-the-day: Eating yogurt with a fork is BAD. Now if you will excuse me, I must go try to wash the Cherry Vanilla goodness off of my shirt.

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