GrrrrArrrrrrr Sleep

Anyone want a Labradoodle? I will sell her to your really cheap.

If you can’t figure out why I wrote that line just take a look at the original time of this post. I am udpating it now at 8:57 AM. I am finally at work despite the fact that Tillie woke me up 3 times last night. I love her to death, but she has no concept of weather. She doesn’t understand that when it is raining very heavy and there is a Tornado watch that Mommy doesn’t want to take her for a walk.

I had set my alarm for 30 minutes early this morning and I had the intentions of getting up and going jogging before getting ready for work. Of course Tillie fouled that up and I ended up resetting my alarm for 15 minutes later than usual at around 4 this morning after I had been up for an hour. I am going to give the whole jogging thing another try when I get home from work today. Fingers crossed.

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