Cramping My Style

I rushed home yesterday because it looked like it was going to rain and I wanted to try to jog before it started. I run in to the house, throw on some gym clothes and they proceed to do some quick stretches. I really should have done more stretches. On my trip home I had measured out a mile so I knew how far I had to run. I probably made it a 1/4 of a mile before my entire lower body cramped up. :plain: I think it is still pissed at me for pushing it too hard on Sunday. It needs to recover by this Sunday because, as you can see from the schedule I now have posted above, I have a game at 7. At least this week isn’t a double-header like last week.

I did set my alarm for 5:20 this morning and I got up and looked out the window. I decided I am going to wait till I can get ahold of some pepper spray before I start running in the morning. It was really dark out and the root I have mapped takes me down a road I wouldn’t feel safe running on by myself. I really need to get a GPS and map out a 1 mile route through my neighborhood rather than down a major road.

My father should be very proud. He has now reached his goal of owning the three ugliest cars on the road in America today: the Mini Cooper, the Honda Element, and the Scion XB. Technically the Element is Mom’s and the Scion is staying in Florida, but I can tell you that he picked all three out. 😛 (As Lachrymose just pointed out, Pop still has the PT Cruiser, so that makes the fatherly type people 4 for 4.)

Question of the day: Is it possible to have a pinched nerve in your ass? :confused:

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  1. mynx Says:

    Pinched ass nerve: good lord, yes. I’ve suffered from bouts of Sciatica for about four years now. Ow ow and OW!

  2. K80K Says:

    I’ve had problems with my sciatic before, but this was different. I am feeling it again today after last nights Volleyball game. I think I need to concentrate on stretching my hip some more next week.

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