Alarm Annoyance

“Attention Please. An Emergency has been reported in this building. While this report is being verified, stand by for further instructions. Do not enter the fire exit. Do not use the elevators.”

I have heard that alarm over and over for the last 15 minutes. It is like a cruel joke. While we determine whether or not the building is on fire please stay still so that you can burn alive!

UPDATE: Ok, the little voice alarm stopped and someone came online telling everyone to evacuate the building. We all pile into the elevator and make it downstairs. No sooner did we step off the elevator then a rush of people came back into the building saying the fire trucks just left and we should all go back to work. It took several tries to get back upstairs because the elevator weighed too much and we had to keep forcing people off. Apparently one of the pop-corn machines in the movie theater caught fire.

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