Birthday Goodness

So yesterday turned out to be a very good day. I knew that no one at work knew it was my birthday, so I wasn’t too concerned about that. Then at our morning meeting my boss starts singing Happy Birthday to me. We went out to lunch for Boss’ Day (I know, but it is better late than never) where my co-workers surprised me with a piece of cake and then paid for my lunch. It was all a very pleasant surprise.

Mom spent the day at my house cleaning. It was so nice to walk into an extremely clean house and not having to lift a single finger to get it there. John showed up shortly after I arrived home to cook me a birthday dinner. We had scampi with Spanish rice. It was very delicious. He then gave me the most awesome gift. I drawing of the two of us with a the ticket stub from what would be considered our first date. I absolutely love it. So does Mom, she wants a copy, lol.

After dinner we sat and watched the Muppets Take Manhattan. While we were sitting there the phone rings. Dad was in Vegas on business for my birthday, so I told him he had to put $20 in the Wheel of Fortune for me. This machine is Tryant’s favorite, and probably the only one I know by name. So last night he travelled down to the MGM and put $20 in the machine for me. Well luck being on my side, I guess because of the whole birthday thing, he won $200. He called to ask if I wanted to let it ride or I wanted the money. Not being a risky person I decided to take the $200. I talked to Mom this morning and Dad continued to put another $30 into the machine, but didn’t win any more money.

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