Jan 26 – Food Journal

Here’s my food for today:

1/2 cup Stonyfield Plain Organic Yogurt and 1/3 cup blueberries 1.5 pts
Kashi Chewey Honey Almond Flax Bar 2 pts
4 Whole Wheat Pancakes with sugar free syrup 5.5 pts
Chicken Tetrazzini 5 pts
Sargento Mozzerella Cheese Stick 1 pt
Cherries 1 pt
Carraba’s Plain Salmon – 1/2 portion
1/2 cup Plain Cavatappi 2 pts
Salad with dressning 2 pts

I decided that I am not going to have the bread with olive oil tonight to try to limit my carb intake.  Wish my luck on that one.  Bread is my weakness, especially when there is something yummy to dip it in.

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