Bad Eating Day

Yesterday my eating was so bad.  I am taking today to detoxify and get back to normal.  I was on the elevator leaving after a 2 hour meeting and people on the elevator were talking about people jumping from buildings.  I didn’t think anything of it.  I was paying more attention to the wonderful smell wafting from the Domino’s pizza box the delivery guy next to me was holding.  I got off the elevator now craving pizza and headed to the car.  I made it about 2 blocks from my office building when I saw a body lying in the street.  It was covered with a sheet, but you could still see blood and still tell that it was a person.  Emergency vehicles were everywhere.  Now I understood why the people on the elevator were having such a morbid conversation.  So now I had pizza cravings and an image in my head I was having trouble shaking.

Got home and decided to spice up some rice instead of order pizza, but it didn’t hit the craving.  I kept searching for something that would and there was nothing to be found.  I should have bit the bullet and gotten a slice of pizza and a salad instead of trying to find something else to fight the craving with.  *smacks hand*  Another “lesson” for the books.  Moving on.

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