Avian Attack!

This morning it was in the mid 70s and the humidity was around 90% but I was convinced to get out there and do my run.  My heart rate ran a little higher, but I did get another successful speed training day under my belt.  I feel great!  I did have one small issue though.

When we were in Florida I had several run ins with avian creatures.  The one pictured in Apok’s blog nearly knocked me off my feet as we were walking through the Magic Kingdom.  Well now that I am home this has not changed. 

There are some warehouses near my house that have some really nice paved parking lots.  I try to spend as little time as possible on sidewalks when I ran because asphalt has a little more give and is easier on the knees.  So I make my usual turn and cut through the parking lot the first time with no trouble.  I loop around and head back through but this time someone is waiting for me.  I am used to have birds do fly-bys on my runs but this one had an different agenda.  This guy’s first fly-by seemed like he was aiming straight for my head.  I didn’t think anything of it at first but I could hear him squaking.  I looked up and he was right above my head looking down at me with a really pissed off look on his beak.  I tried to run from him and he stayed right with me.  My frist thought was the mace in my hand but I knew if I sprayed it up at the bird it was going to come back down in my face.  Not to mention it would probably kill the bird and I certainly didn’t want to do that.  I finally started sprinting away and a couple hundred yards later I lost him.  I  might need to re-route my run to go around the nest.

Speaking of mace.  I try to be neighborly as I go through the neighborhood.  Waving and saying “Hi” as I pass everyone by.  Only it has occurred to me recently that people may be looking at my greetings as threats.  I always run with mace in my hand and I keep it in my right hand since I am right-handed.  I also wave with this hand.  So when I wave to people and say “Hi” to them I am actually waving my mace at them.  They might not consider that such a friendly greeting, lol.  Oops.

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