Pop’s Clock

June 28th is both a sad and happy day in our family.  It is my grandfather’s birthday.  Last year on this day my brother had a strange experience.  You can see his blog about it on his myspace.  Well this year it was Mom’s turn for a strange experience. 

When Pop moved in with us 20 years ago he brought with him this old, large, pirate clock.  The clock never worked when he was living in our house and didn’t work for several years before.  He still had it hanging on his wall though, right above his recliner in his living room.  After he passed my father decided he wanted the clock because it reminded him of his father so much.  When they moved into their condo the clock went with him and it has actually become the piece that his entire bedroom has been decorated around.  Pirate stuff everywhere.  Mom just called me a few minutes ago and said that suddenly the clock is working.  In fact she said she first noticed it because it chimed and now it is keeping accurate time.  She is a little flipped out and I don’t blame her.  Maybe Pop really is trying to let us know that he is ok.  Love you too Pop! 

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