WW Take 2…er….Whatever!

So I signed back up for Weight Watchers at Work.  I need someone to keep me accountable for what I am eating and there is something about weighing in in front of another person that just makes me want to be good.  I have been on plan for 2 days now and feel good about it.  Next week might be a little tricky with the trip to Anaheim, but I am hoping my parents will help keep me honest.  Plus I will be running my half marathon down there and walking like crazy, so hopefully that will make up for any indescretions I might have.

My ankle is feeling a little off this week again.  I am hoping, after the half to give it a full weeks rest before I start back at my full marathon training and then I will be taking it easy for a least another week as my body recovers.  I got my bib number in the mail this week.  I will be # 2722.  I was #27333 for the WDW Half in January, so I am thinking that my # for the full might be #271?  🙂

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