Metric Marathon

So I was overlooking the schedule of local races next to my Marathon training plan and looking for places where I could squeeze more races in.  Aside from the random Saturday 5K and the things I already have planned one more race caught my eye.  A Metric Marathon in Columbia.  By mertric marathon in means you would run 26.2K instead of 26.2 miles, which brings you in just around 16 miles.  By the looks of my current schedule it would be sandwiched right between my two 20 milers.  So now I am having some internal debate of whether or not to try to run this thing.  I would need to finish in under 2:30, which would not support the pace I pulled for the 1/2 in Disneyland.  Of course not every race get ran in 108 degrees, especially in December.  I just thought it might be a good prep for the Disney World full.  What I might do is wait until we get closer and eveluate the pace at which I am running my long runs to see if it would work for me. 

I am adjusting my training schedule again.  I know, I know, part of the reason to have a schedule is to prevent tinkering, but my butt still hurts from Burn and Shape.  I might be moving my FIRM workout to tomorrow.  However after just having left the business tenant picnic I might need my workout tonight to combat the cole slaw, potato salad, pasta salad and cookie.  😛

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  1. Jeff Says:

    Katie — this is a very popular race, though it doesn’t sell out. I’ve got it penciled in on my calendar as well, so long as my ankle is healed. Last year I ran the accompanying 5k.

    The course is tough, very hilly, with one very tough uphill at about mile 7 — about a 10-12% grade for 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile.

  2. Jeff Says:

    By the way, cutoff for the metric is 3:30, but they apparently don’t stop the clock at that point as the results for the past couple of years (that I checked) have times greater than 3:30.

  3. K80K Says:

    Woops, meant to type 3:30, thanks for the correction. 2:30…HA! that would never happen for me. 😉 Looks like I need to move my long runs to the local, hilly park if I want to prep for this.

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