And the Beat Goes On

Well, myt workouts for the weekend ended up getting nixed.  I was really busy on Saturday and then Sunday I was just wiped out.  Think it was PMS.  Last night I got out and ran 9 miles.  That was more than my planned 7 and I am really feeling it today.  Most profoundly in my left ankle.  😛  Trying to take it easy today and be very mindful of what position I have my ankle in.  Walked around some at lunch just to loosen things up a bit.  This weekend I have 10 on tap as well as painting the trim on the front of my house.  I plan to paint on Saturday and hopefully run on Sunday. 

My home PC was acting up some last night.  Fingers crossed that it isn’t a dead hard drive.  :/  We will see probably sometime tomorrow.  I have dinner plans tonight and then another 2-hr episode of the Biggest Loser, so I will be otherwise preoccupied. 

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  1. heavn4ever Says:

    Just wanted to thank you for your site and your friends, formerly fat running guy. I used to run alot with my good friend Myra (she’s also our pastors wife)
    She has been a mentor to me in many ways and running is one of them. About 12 yrs ago we were running about 5 mi. 4 days a week and I was in the best shape of my life. Myra was a girls track coach for a college and has run numerous marathons and almost went pro in tennis (stopped by injuries). Well as you know work can get in the way of running and I was working 40-50 hrs a week plus my 2 boys and husband, something had to get cut and unfortunately it was the running. I quit my lab job of 14 yrs (tendonitis also helped that decision) and started being a therapeutic foster parent thinking I could stay home and have more time to run and for family. Well I was surprised at the amount of time I still don’t have so I guess I need to make the time and your site has motivated me to go right now so thanks a bunch I’ll check in when I get back if I can figure out how to get back on here LOL Thanks, Tammy

  2. K80K Says:

    Tammy: Sorry it took me so long to get your comment approved. Thanks for visiting. Keep me posted on how you do.

  3. heavn4ever Says:

    Hi K8,
    I forgot where I left my comment and being not so computer literate, it took a while to find. I’m going to make your site and the Disney running site my daily motivation to keep me going. The Disney site is actually where I found your site here. I was told that they had discounted tickets for people entering something the last week in October and my 18yr old is playing in the paintball world cup the 24-28 at Wide World of Sports so I was searching for tickets for the team. I must say reading all the comments, its like one big happy family and I’m impressed to see how humble and down to earth everyone is.
    I actually ran/walked just over 2 miles at the Sebago Lake State Park for my first run in about 4months after reading here Friday. But I find that I keep getting interruptions (or is it excuses? LOL) in my schedule. I have a DHHS meeting for my adorable 5 yr old autistic foster son tomorrow hopefully I can fit a run in before he gets home from school but Fridays a sure thing (my chest cold should be gone too).
    I’ll be praying for you and your goal, I’m sure you can do it. I’ll keep you posted as to weather or not I’ll be at the 13k at MGM on the 27th. We’ll be in town the 21-29 if you need a place to stay, I get great deals with my timeshare (2 bdrm condos $280 wk. so long as there’s any left) but I would love to meet up with a woman being I’ll be there with 8-11 guys ages 17-29 (single of course-which means to much tostosterone LOL) I’m also going to bring my other 5 yr old foster son to hang out with so I’m not to overbearing on my 18 & 20 yr olds. TTYS, Tammy

  4. K80K Says:

    Tammy: My mother actually lives in FL part time, so I stay with her when I travel down. Can’t get a better deal than free. 😉 My plans right now are to be down there from the late on the 25th to early on the 29th. I know is planning a Forum Encounter with mini golf and dinner. I was hoping to meet up with the group for dinner, but I concerned about being on my feet long enough to play mini golf right before a race. Keep me posted on what you decide to do.

    It is very hard not to come up with excuses. I am the queen of excuses, but that is what got me to 254 lbs. When I start hearing that little voice in my head telling all the reasons why I can get away with not doing my run or FIRM workout I just tell it to “Shove it!” and get moving. Even if I only get 1-2 miles and realize that little voice was making a point and I stop I still got in 1-2 miles I wouldn’t have gotten in otherwise. That’s 1-2 miles closer to my goal.

    This is a very busy week for me with rehersals, dress fittings, and nail and hair appointments. I know I could use those as excuses, but I am telling myself that since I am so busy I need the workouts more than I would on a normal week just to assist me in dealing with the stress of it all. Not sure the dog agrees, but that is what I am telling myself, lol.

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