Heavy Wallet

I wish my wallet was heavy because it was filled with cash.  That’s not the case.  I don’t even have a single dollar bill in there at the moment.  I do have tons of quarters though.

When my grandfather passed away I took over the ownership of his state quarter map.  We bought him this map for Christmas several years ago.  I am down to needing 3 of the quarters currently in circulation.  I have everything from the Philadelphia mint; those are pretty easy to find here in B-more.  The Denver mint quarters however are more elusive.  If you aren’t aware if you look at the front of a US coin in the lower right hand corner there is a small letter P or a letter D or sometimes a letter A indicating what mint the coin was pressed at.  Thanks to my Anaheim trip earlier this month I was able to acquire 5 more Denver coins, but I have 3 more that are remaining more elusive: Wisconsin, Nebraska and Idaho. 

One of my techniques for getting quarters is to use only cash at the work vending machine for my $1.25 sodas.  That has helped me find many a quarter, but it has liquidated most of my cash in my wallet and turned it into several dozen Philadelphia Mint quarters floating around in the change compartment.  It is making it rather heavy to lug around.  😛  I will have to start wearing my Heart Rate Monitor when I am carrying my purse to see if the quarters are causing any additional calorie burn.  Ha!

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    Glad to help. I do need a mailing address. you can email me at patmonahan1@gmail.com

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