And another one bites the dust…yah!

Another Heart Rate Monitor battery that is.  😛  I went to grab my wrist unit last night and the screen was blank.  I have been waiting for it to die to use it as an excuse to buy a new one.  I would like one where I can download my workouts to my computer.  I invested in the Polar F11 in Rink Dust this morning.  The chest strap is fabric instead of plastic, which I think will make it much more comfortable for my long runs.

Last long run I was headed down the road and accidentally caught my thumb on the strap just as the elastic connects into the plastic and undid it.  I spent the next few minutes adjusting the strap to get it back on and have it stay in place.  I am sure to my next door neighbors it looked more like I was fondling myself as I jogged by.

This morning I had some speed training on my workout schedule, but I need to get out of work early today.  I need to go have my dress fitted for a wedding I am in on Saturday and get my nails done.  Yes I said dress fitted for a wedding this coming Saturday…that is for another blog on another day.  All I know for sure is where I will not be buying my dress when that blessed time comes for me. 

3 Responses to “And another one bites the dust…yah!”

  1. patmonahan Says:

    You should consider buying a garmin 305. I bought one from and used a $50 rebate. My total cost was $169. It has a HR monitor, GPS and mapping for your computer. I think it’s pretty cool. You can get the rebate coupon off my blog.

  2. KingHade Says:

    Not buying your dress? Why not? Then you’ll be able to keep it in a box in your closet, FOREVER!

  3. K80K Says:

    Hehe…I will BUY my dress, just not from this place. You don’t want to see the closet in my guest room. I have about 10 different dresses in there and since my weight loss most of them don’t fit. I keep telling myself to put them up on Ebay, but I have a hard time parting with things that have any sort of sentimental value. Yes, you could call me a pack rat. 🙂

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