Yesterday in the mail arrived a shiny new Idaho qaurter from the Denver mint care of my buddy Pat.  I ran straight upstairs and stuck it into my qaurter map.  It looks right at home.  I will have to post a pick of the quarter map with Idaho present and accounted for when I get a chance.  Now I am down to needing Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Wyoming from the Denver mint.  Yes, Wyoming is a new one on the list.  I hadn’t realized that it was released until yesterday when I got a new one from the Philadelphia mint from the nice lady at Subway.  She is the best source for new qaurters.  🙂 

This morning I did a light Pilates workout.  I want to try to run tonight but it probably won’t happen until tomorrow morning after I drop the dog off at the groomers.  Tomorrow is also car washing day because my car is in more need of a grooming than the dog is at this point.  Coincedentally part of the reason it needs a grooming is the dog.  Go figure!

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  1. Jeff Says:

    Pat is awesome! What a guy!

  2. patmonahan Says:

    My daughter collects quarters, dimes, nickles. She has real good luck finding them in my recliner. I’m glad I could help.

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