Cheating is bad, mmkay.

This is how not to cheat when running a marathon.  Seriously why cheat?  The only one you should be out to beat on race day, unless you are an elete, is yourself.

I ran 7 miles last night instead of the 8 I was hoping for, but the weather was unbearable.  Going to try for 12-13 on Sunday after the 5K on Saturday.  I should be nice and motivated for it after watching several friends run the Baltimore marathon, half-marathon and relay on Saturday.  One of those is my friend Jeff, for whom I have created a poster.  If you want to write a message on the poster for Jeff just drop me a line and I will be glad to add it.   Jeff is also the person from whom I got the link for the countdown clock in the upper right-hand corner, which unfortunatley seems to be down at the moment.  🙁

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  1. Jeff Says:

    Thanks, Katie! You’re awesome!

    Can’t wait till Saturday. Finally the heat has broken and the weather for Saturday should be perfect running weather. (I’m sure we’ll be missing the heat before long, though.)

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